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Hanji: Nico
Photography: Intern_Dana
Lighting: Jacque Fresnel

Thanks to all that participated, catered, or assisted in the shoot. All characters are property of their respective owners. No models were harmed in the making of this shoot. BudgetBondage, Shibari-No-Kyojin, and any affiliates do not condone the non consensual restraint of any person. Do not attempt anything at home, all content was created by skilled professionals with strict supervision.

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WCA14 Commissions | Cecil from WTNV


Nico sporting their Kinbaku. It was comfy enough to wear down to denny’s.

I guess you could call this a sneak peek

It also me! And Jordan. Jordan’s foot.

Excited to see the finished photos from the shoot last night ~


rEALLY can’t get enough of this chick

xiao is n4ut’s

xiaoxiaoxiaoxaadfldskjflfj yeS okay you def have her spot on okay wow thank you friend


look at this picture of me and n4ut with Tommy Wiseau.

This happened.

it us
I bought a pair of boxer-briefs w his name on them

zeppelis replied to your post: Day #1 of Wondercon Today went really…

oh dang my boyfriend is there rn :0 are you gonna be at AX?

Tell him to stop by ~ ! Also ahhh unfortunately I haven’t landed a table [I fricked up and forgot to get one in time], but I maaaaay attend. I DON’T KNOW AHHH ;;; /cries

Wondercon: Steven Universe Panel

[making a separate post for this bc I have more to add ;;;]

At the beginning of the day, Jordan dragged me to the Steven Universe panel - which I really wanted to go to. I just needed some pressure to leave my table unattended for an hour and a half. Which he provided. So thank you, Jordan.

The panel featured Rebecca Sugar, Steven Sugar, the voice actors for Steven [Zach Callison], Amethyst [Michaela Dietz] and Pearl [Deedee Magno Hall], along with some of the other creators - sorry to the lovely people I’ve missed, I am awful with names.

We watched some preview clips [with clips from already aired episodes sprinkled in], then were shown the full Lion 2: The Movie episode [which was excellent].

After, the crowd got to ask questions. Some pretty interesting theories, though a lot of them had the panel declining to answer due to their spoiler-heavy content.* At one point, someone asked Rebecca Sugar to sing Giant Woman, which was adorable and wonderful, and has also been stuck in my head all day.

Things that we learned [sort of spoiler-y?] from the panel:

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Day #1 of Wondercon

Today went really well! I’m feelin’ solid about this con, for sure. This is probably the least amount of stress I’ve had at any con thus far [in terms of exhibiting].

Thanks to everyone that stopped by! I know for certain that I saw princesstwin, dylhan-solo, ghostly—prince, malzedar, greyfox[?], candydaddythehustlinpimparoo, and pattymcpancakes. A ton of other wonderful people said hello, so if you came by and I missed your name, let me know! <3

[more under the cut]

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Who’s ready for Wondercon!? I’m not!!!!!

REGARDLESS I’ll be at AA-014 hahaha

whispers when people tag my ocs as homestuck ………..

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who do you think you fucking are trying to take my art and claim it as your own?! everyone knows i drew this! take it down! add me on skype at MherMeiser!


man you’re not even TRYING to be taken seriously

drunk drawings from last night

scribblies from horticulture

lavadust answered your post: Who’s going to Wondercon this weekend?

I am going, what is your table?

AA-014! Here’s the map with its location marked. <33 Make sure you say hi/tell me who you are ~

Who’s going to Wondercon this weekend?

I will cry if you don’t stop by my table